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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

General Knowledge Part-12

The World Bank has
pledged 2 billion US
dollars aid package to
Bangladesh to tackle
climate change over
the next three years.
The aid package is part of the World
Bank’s fund for the poorest countries.
Bangladesh is extremely vulnerable to
climate change and accounts for almost
70% of all storm surges in the world.
The aid package aims to further develop
the resilience of the people at a time
when climate change is putting their
lives and livelihoods at greater risk.
announcement made by the World Bank
President Jim Yong Kim during his 2-day
visit to Bangladesh. Earlier he had
announced to provide US $1 billion aid
to Bangladesh over the next three years
to fight child malnutrition.
The World Bank has provided
Bangladesh more than $24 billion in
financing in the last 45 years.
Bangladesh is the largest recipient of
International Development Association
(IDA) assistance, having received over
24 billion US dollars since

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