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Thursday, 5 January 2017

General Knowledge Part-23

1. In which decade was the SPICE simulator
A. 1950s
B. 1960s
C. 1970s
D. 1980s
Answer: Option C
SPICE (Simulation Program with Integrated
Circuit Emphasis) was introduced in May
1972 by the University of Berkeley,
2. Most modern TV's draw power even if
turned off. The circuit the power is used in
does what function?
A. Sound
B. Remote control
C. Color balance
D. High voltage
Answer: Option B
Some authorities are recommending TV's,
VCR's and Stereo's be connected to power
strips with switches and turned off when
not in use to save energy. Your remote will
not work until power is switched back on.
3. Which is a type of Electrically-Erasable
Programmable Read-Only Memory?
A. Flash
B. Flange
C. Fury
Answer: Option A
It's commonly used for MP3 players,
computer BIOS code and "thumb" drives.
Originally developed in Japan by Toshiba, it
has become quite popular for products
requiring non-volatile erasable memory.
h devices have a limited number of
erase cycles (typically 10,000 to 1,000,000
cycles) so they're not as good a choice for
applications in which the data changes
constantly. However, since it has no moving
parts (unlike a hard disk) it is an excellentCchoice for storing the operating code for
small personal electronics like PDAs, cell
phones, digital cameras, and the data in
items like MP3 players.
4. The purpose of choke in tube light is ?
A. To decrease the current
B. To increase the current
C. To decrease the voltage momentarily
D. To increase the voltage momentarily
Answer: Option D
5. '.MPG' extension refers usually to what kind
of file?
A. WordPerfect Document file
B. MS Office document
C. Animation/movie file
D. Image file
Answer: Option C
6. Who is largely responsible for breaking the
German Enigma codes, created a test that
provided a foundation for artificial
A. Alan Turing
B. Jeff Bezos
C. George Boole
D. Charles Babbage
Answer: Option A
7. Who developed Yahoo?
A. Dennis Ritchie & Ken Thompson
B. David Filo & Jerry Yang
C. Vint Cerf & Robert Kahn
D. Steve Case & Jeff Bezos
Answer: Option B

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