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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

General Knowledge Part-6

1.Dumping is
selling of goods abroad at a price
well below the production cost at
the home market price
the process by which the supply of
a manufacture's product remains low
in the domestic market, which
batches him better price
C. prohibited by regulations of GATT
D. All of the above
Answer: Option D
2. For the Olympics and World Tournaments,
the dimensions of basketball court are
A. 26 m x 14 m
B. 28 m x 15 m
C. 27 m x 16 m
D. 28 m x 16 m
Answer: Option B
3.Federation Cup, World Cup, Allywyn
International Trophy and Challenge Cup are
awarded to winners of
A. Tennis
B. Volleyball
C. Basketball
D. Cricket
Answer: Option B
4.Each year World Red Cross and Red
Crescent Day is celebrated on
A. May 8
B. May 18
C. June 8
D. June 18
Answer: Option A
5.Famous sculptures depicting art of love
built some time in 950 AD – 1050 AD are
A. Khajuraho temples
B. Jama Masjid
C. Sun temple
D. Mahabalipuram temples
Answer: Option A
6. Gravity setting chambers are used in
industries to remove
A. SO x
B. NO x
C. suspended particulate matter
Answer: Option C

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