Wednesday, 4 January 2017

General Knowledge Part-14

The Bangladeshi Declaration of Independence
was proclaimed from Chittagong by members
of the Mukti Bahini – the national liberation
army formed by Bengali military, paramilitary
and civilians. The East Bengal Regiment and
the East Pakistan Rifles played a crucial role
in the resistance. Led by General M. A. G.
Osmani and eleven sector commanders , the
Bangladesh Forces waged a mass guerrilla
war against the Pakistani military. They
liberated numerous towns and cities in the
initial months of the conflict. The Pakistan
Army regained momentum in the monsoon .
Bengali guerrillas carried out widespread
sabotage, including Operation Jackpot against
the Pakistan Navy. The nascent Bangladesh
Air Force flew sorties against Pakistani
military bases. By November, the Bangladesh
forces restricted the Pakistani military to its
barracks during the night. They secured
control of most parts of the countryside. [15]
The Provisional Government of Bangladesh
was formed on 17 April 1971 in Mujibnagar
and moved to Calcutta as a government in
exile . Bengali members of the Pakistani civil,
military and diplomatic corps defected to the
Bangladeshi provisional government.
Thousands of Bengali families were interned
in West Pakistan, from where many escaped
to Afghanistan . Bengali cultural activists
operated the clandestine Free Bengal Radio
Station. The plight of millions of war-ravaged
Bengali civilians caused worldwide outrage
and alarm. The Indian state led by Indira
Gandhi provided substantial diplomatic,
economic and military support to Bangladeshi
nationalists. British, Indian and American
musicians organised the world's first benefit
concert in New York City to support the
Bangladeshi people. Senator Ted Kennedy in
the United States led a congressional
campaign for an end to Pakistani military
persecution; while US diplomats in East
Pakistan strongly dissented with the Nixon
administration 's close ties to the Pakistani
military dictator Yahya Khan.

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